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Encourager, #1 Christian Women Ministry, youth and motivational speaker

Hii! My name is Edwina Bimpong. I am 21 years old and currently a senior at the university. I am Ghanaian by blood and American! I believe God has place a strong desire in me to encourage His people specifically women. He has aided me several times in using social media platforms to spread His Word. ​​


However, Fear and Pride hindered my commitment, resulting in my inconsistencies with encouraging God's people. Fear of what others would think of me, based on my past and who they knew me to be. I kept running away, telling God I am not fit for this job. I continued concealing myself so that no one could figure out who was delivering these messages. Pride. But the Holy Spirit confronted me and asked me, "Does it matter what people think? God planted this desire and passion in your heart because that's one of your callings and purpose!”


​Unbeknownst to me, He has been preparing me for the major assignment, Divine Masterpiece Ministries. I didn't grasp what Divine Masterpiece meant until God revealed to me that he has empowered me to encourage women all around the world; Inspiring and assisting women in becoming strong, God-fearing individuals. Also, to encourage women that they are called to be treasures for God's Kingdom.


Divine Masterpiece: God is calling women to proclaim His Word and embody Kingdom traits on earthly grounds in order to lure additional women into His presence.


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Fear crippled my obedience leading to my inconsistency

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